Pull folders are the best way to ensure you get the books you want. 

Opening a folder with us is simple. Just create an account on the website

and email us a list of the ongoing titles you want to subscribe to at

heather@savannahcomics.com. Each Wednesday we will fill your cart for

you and it will be ready for you to purchase. All we ask is that you

purchase your books every 30 days or when your cart reaches $50,

whichever comes first. You can also call in your order at 912-925-7700

or request to pay via Square or Paypal invoice.

We look forward to serving you.


Note: Pull folders are for incoming product ordered before our initial order

cut off date with the distributor only. If you want something held for you

that is in stock (or about to be) you need to purchase it and choose in-store pick up.

We hold it for you until your next order or the next time you are in the store.