Age of Apocalypse TP Warzones

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(W) Fabian Nicieza (A) Gerardo Sandoval, Iban Coello (CA) Gerardo Sandoval. His war has been won. The few humans left alive are enslaved; the mutant rebellion crushed. En Sabah Nur* Apocalypse* rules his Battleworld kingdom without mercy but the terrorist X-Men plan to end his reign! For Magneto and his X-Men* success means finding a very special mutant named Cypher and unleashing a weapon that will kill Apocalypse and possibly all other mutants* as well! As the X-Men face Cyclops and Havok's Elite Mutant Force* Angel finds himself protecting a "flatscan" named Jean Grey* and Dr. Nemesis must sabotage Dark Beast's quest to become the newest Horseman of Apocalypse! As the race to claim the Legacy virus grows desperate* the X-Men* the Horseman and the human insurgency clash! The devastating plague begins claiming mutants' lives but if Apocalypse falls* who will rule in his place? Collecting AGE OF APOCALYPSE (2015) #1-5. Rated T+