Supreme Power Prem HC Nighthawk

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Written by DANIEL WAY Penciled by STEVE DILLON Cover by GARY FRANK Long ago, Kyle Richmond looked into the face of madness ? now, it's looking back at him. As a boy, Richmond ? the man who would one day become Nighthawk ? witnessed the senseless murder of his parents. There was no reason for their deaths, no provocation ? they were just simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was a traumatic event that has left him scarred for life ? and turned him into a hero more feared than the criminals he polices. Now, it's happening again...but on a much larger scale. The people of Chicago ? men, women and children ? are dying in the streets, victims of a monster whose thirst for slaughter cannot be quenched, whose soul is a bottomless void and whose scars run even deeper than Nighthawk's. And it's flashing a killer smile. Collecting SUPREME POWER: NIGHTHAWK #1-6. 144 PGS./Parental Advisory ?$24.99