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(W/A/CA) Hiroaki Samura. by HIROAKI SAMURA; produced by STUDIO PROTEUS Anotsu Kagehisa* murderous leader of the rogue Itt -ry * has journeyed to the mountains far from Edo to the romote Shingy t -ry dojo under invitation to bring the sword school under his wing. But instead of a warm welcome* Anotsu finds a dojo full of angry young men who don't want to take orders from an upstart* unless he can proves he's tougher than the best of them! That sits just fine with Anotsu* who has dedicated his life to putting the killing back into Japan's formalized sword schools* but Anotsu suspects that something more than proof of his worthiness lies beneath the challenge. Meanwhile* the immortal swordsman* Manji* is recovering from a battle that left him literally cut to pieces. His charge* Rin* is till nowhere to be found* bound for vengeance against Anotsu* but soon his troubles may become a bit more immediate* troubles that even an immortal may not survive! Collecting issues #58-#65 of the ongoing series. FOR MATURE READERS. On sale June 12. SC* 232pg* b&w