Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: Robotnik Family Values DVD


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Momma Robotnik s Birthday- Robotnik's momma escapes from the home for mothers of villains, and demands her birthday present! When she endangers Sonic and Tails, and they manage to have her taken back to the home. Even Robotnik is glad to see her go.
Robotnik, Jr.- Robotnik plans to block out the sun and extinguish all life and nature on the planet Mobius. He creates a robot son and tries to train him in the ways of wickedness. But when Robotnik Jr. meets Sonic, he becomes a naturalist and teams up with Sonic to thwart Robotnik's evil scheme.
Sonic the Matchmaker - Sonic plays Cyrano to bring Robotnik Jr. and Breezie together. The problem is, Breezie's crazy about Sonic. Sonic gets out of the way, but when he does, Junior is captured by Robotnik, and Breezie comes to the rescue, finally falling for him.
Momma Robotnik Returns -Momma escapes from the Mobius Home for Really Bizarre People, disowns Robotnik for failing to capture Sonic, then with the help of an obscure Mobius law, adopts Sonic! Sonic is miserable as a Cinderella hedgehog with Scratch and Grounder as the evil stepbots, till Robotnik and Coconuts find another obscure law which frees Sonic.