Best of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog DVD


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Black Bot the Pirate - Robotnik invents a time machine to go back in time and gather powerful gemstones. Sonic goes into hyper-Sonic-overdrive and reverses time to go after him.

Pseudo Sonic - Mobius is suffering a crime spree and all the evidence points to Sonic as the culprit. But the real thief is a lab rat wearing a high-tech vehicle suit that was sent by Robotnik to discredit our hero.

Too Tall Tails - Tails gets a mega-dose of Robotnik s growth gas and grows quickly to monstrous proportions, eating everything in sight and terrorizing the countryside.

Sonic the Matchmaker - Sonic tries to bring Robotnik Jr. and Breezie together. The problem is, Breezie's crazy about Sonic. Sonic gets out of the way, but when he does, Junior is captured by Robotnik.

Sloww Going - When Scratch and Grounder use Robotnik's new Slo-Mo Ray Gun to capture Sonic, Tails rescues him by reversing the gun and turning it on a tribe of friendly Tree Sloth People who become a high speed commando strike force against Robotnik.

Road Hog - Sonic loses his memory when Robotnik uses hypnotic flower pollen on him, and tells him he's just an ordinary guy. With Tails trying to remind him who he is, Sonic joins a Hog Biker gang and hits the open road.

Attack on Pinball Fortess - Robotnik invents a giant amnesia ray in his booby-trapped pinball fortress in order to erase the bad memories the Mobius citizens have of him.