All New X-Men TP VOL 05 One Down

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(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) David Marquez & Various (CA) Stuart Immonen. Infinite pasts* infinite futures...infinite loss! The Beast is tortured by his decision to bring the original X-Men into the present* but can he repair the damage he's done while the future Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is still gunning for the time-tossed teens? The young X-Men will need to rally to save themselves* but Jean Grey is...different. The Shi'ar trial has changed her. What does this mean for her future* for the past of the woman she's meant to become* and for the rest of the X-Men? Timelines collide when the future Brotherhood exacts its final judgment on the All-New X-Men! Collecting ALL-NEW X-MEN #25-30. Rated T