Angel After the Fall #10 10 Copy Virgin Runge Incentive Variant


(W) Brian Lynch (A) David Messina, Nick Runge (CA) Alex Garner. Joss Whedon & Brian Lynch (plot) . Brian Lynch (w) . Nick Runge (a) . Brian Miller, Alex Garner (c) Months ago, Los Angeles went to hell. Or maybe hell came to Los Angeles. Find out the truth once and for all. Plus, someone's been manipulating everyone from the start. Angel would very much like to meet him, and he'll tear through every demon in LA to do so. Meanwhile, Spike has something important to tell Wesley, Illyria has a new role, and what the hell is Gunn keeping in the basement? Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch are joined by artist Nick Runge to bring you the newest chapter in the smash hit Angel: After the Fall!